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Now that you have considered the decisions required of the key stakeholders in this massive project, assume that you are the leader of the medical profession in Varanasi where Mr. Mishra lives, basically role #5 below. Your task is to determine the next steps from a medical perspective to advance the project of providing clean water, reducing pollution in the rivers and thereby reducing water borne disease. You have a professional interest because of the many cases of disease and death that result from the "water" problems which you have to address every day. Specifically, what would you do as the leader of the medical action committee (#5) to take the next step for access to clean water through reduction of pollution in the Ganges and tributaries; specifically in your town of Varanasi? What factors need to be considered in discussing with inhabitants of the most impoverished areas of Varanasi their usage of the Ganges river for purposes of drinking, bathing, and cleaning? Define the 1) most pressing problem that remains to be solved; 2) the critical decision that needs to be made; and 3) your response to address water issues in Varanasi. Your response can include one or more of the stakeholders we've discussed, or not. 1. Mr. Mishra, Hindu Priest 2. Mayor of Varanasi 3. Prime Minister of India 4. World Health Organization (WHO) 5. Local Physician leader
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